Expertise is the key to success in this industry. Our company holds multiple years of accumulated experience making us the leading professionals of the field.


Financial services involves exchanges of important corporate information. We value the confidentiality of our Clients and protect it through every interaction.

Personal Touch

We offer our Clients the advantages of customer oriented services by assessing their exact needs and providing work that is custom tailored to meet their expectations.

Range of Services

Professional and high standard services for businesses of all sizes. Here is what we offer to our Global Clients:

Fund licensing

Finduro is able to assist and guide you towards successfully obtaining a valid license from CySec. Given our experience we are well aware of the local requirements in Cyprus allowing us to ensure that your fund is established inline with the local regulations.

Fund administration

Finduro ensures that all of your company activities associated with the administration of running a collective investment scheme are handled efficiently, professionally and in line with the regulatory requirements.

Fund management

Apart from the actual setup and implementation stages Finduro also offers the service of fund management under, which our company is able to undertake all of the day to day activities associated with correctly maintaining the fund while also maximizing the associated benefits. Additionally, our company’s experience in this field as well as our reputation makes us an ideal candidate for Alternative Investment Fund Management services. For our Clients this means independent associated risk management, reduced costs, removed requirement for complex structures and so on.

Fund Administration & Management

Finduro ensures that your cash-flow is managed correctly and efficiently while making certain that the maturity schedules coincide with demand for loans at any given time. This in turn ensures that your company operations are safe and protected.

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Incorporation services

We provide the full range of services related to the formation, management and continued administration of companies in

  • Cyprus
  • Luxembourg
  • UK
  • Other jurisdictions outside the EU

We undertake the initial registration procedures while also offering long-term support and maintenance services in line with relevant local statutory requirements.

Implementation of business structures

Our team holds the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure efficient and cost effective implementation of business structures. No matter how complex the structure may be, we are certain that we can ensure smooth and satisfactory result for your company. Our advisors are also able to offer special purpose vehicle solutions (SPV)

Provision of nominee directorship services

We provide reliable nominee directorship services in line with all regulatory requirements for companies that wish to establish a corporate identity in Cyprus, Luxembourg, UK and other jurisdictions outside the EU but lack the required local presence.

Nominee shareholder's services

If you wish to incorporate a company in Cyprus, Luxembourg, UK and other jurisdictions outside the EU but wish to maintain the complete confidentiality our company will provide you with the required nominee shareholder service. This includes holding shares, trust deeds, transfers, official correspondence and of course complete privacy.

Secretarial services

As part of our secretarial service we ensure that your company is in an absolute compliance with all the local statutory requirements. The service also covers the aspects of day to day operational tasks such as preparation of minutes of directors, preparation/submission of annual returns, preparation of power of attorney, review and preparation of agreements and more.

Registered office provision

A company that chooses to be successfully registered in Cyprus, Luxembourg, UK and other jurisdictions outside the EU is required to have a physical local presence in the form of a registered office. Finduro provides businesses with an opportunity of outsourcing this service. Our company will provide you with the required registered office and will additionally undertake any services associated with maintaining the registered office per statutory requirements from the administrative perspective.

Business management advisory services

Our team of professionals may assist companies and organizations to improve their performance and add value to entities’ shareholders. Among others, services may include:

  • Change management assistance
  • Strategy development
  • Advise on efficient ways to improve and perform work tasks
  • Technology implementation

Banking and cash management services

Finduro offers its Clients a complete outsourcing package for their banking and cash management needs. Our service will not only prove to be cost efficient but will also ensure that your cash flow and banking is handled professionally and efficiently for your day to day operations.

Incorporation & Management

Finduro offers you the complete package when it comes to company incorporation and the related after sale services in Cyprus, Luxembourg, UK and other jurisdictions outside the EU. Our team of professionals will undertake the entire process effectively and cost efficiently.

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At Finduro we can provide your company with a complete package that will take care of your business accounting related needs. Our accounting team is fully aware of the local statutory requirements and will ensure that your company meets the required deadlines and regulatory demands for safe and efficient operation.

Provision of Financial Reporting Service

We offer full preparation of Financial Statements for companies as per IFRS or other accounting standards. We are also able to offer the preparation of Consolidated Financial statements for group of companies plus any periodic management accounts for commercial clients.

Provision of Audit

Finduro also offers the service of an external audit to business of all niches and sizes. We will ensure that an accurate and thorough audit is carried out per local regulatory and international standards.

Tax reporting compliance

Being tax compliant with regulatory requirements can be pretty tough especially if you have just established your business in a new country. Due to our extensive experience in various jurisdictions we are able to offer this service and ensure your company is fully compliant with the local regulations when it comes to tax reporting.

Tax planning solutions

Our highly skilled and experienced personnel is able to offer our Clients a thorough assessment and structured advice on their tax needs both in terms of local and international perspective. We are fully aware of the local and international laws and will ensure that our assessments will yield beneficial results for your operations.

Admin, Tax and Reporting

Finduro offers a complete solution in respect of financial accounting, administration and reporting services. We are able to provide you with both outsourcing options and structured and professional advise in line with all the regulatory requirements.

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Full service Office rental solutions

If you are looking for physical office space you have come to the right place. Due to our vast network of partners we are able to offer a wide range of office space for all budgets. We also offer shared work-space solutions ideal for startups and companies that wish to keep their costs on the minimum.

Payroll services

If your company is lacking funding or the expertise to handle payroll management in line with local regulations our service is the perfect solution. We provide excellent payroll outsourcing options to businesses of all size and at very competitive pricing.

Staff resourcing

Having just established an office in a new location could mean trouble when it comes to sourcing quality skilled staff. Finduro offers you the opportunity to hire via our established network of partners who can provide qualified personnel for all of your business needs.

Office Space & HR/Payroll Services

At Finduro we provide our Clients with optimal solutions when it comes to finding the right office space and the establishing highly qualified support for your operations in terms of staffing and payroll services.

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We create & manage brand new corporate identities

Our company assists new and existing businesses in achieving their corporate requirements and objectives. We always value our Clients needs ensuring that they have a positive experience.

137 Happy Clients Worldwide

We are proud of our large Client portfolio boasting successful projects and satisfied Clients across multiple countries around the world.

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